My Educon Takeaway

Twitter has been buzzing with how attendees of this past weekend's innovative conference will apply what they learned, shared, discussed and saw.  I felt the pressure.

After spending my weekend immersed in discussion of moving education in the right direction, how would I make a difference? How would I play my part?

It came to me last night before fading off into (glorious!) sleep.  Most of my memorable experiences involved discussion and collaboration.  I need to put these experiences into the lives of my students.

As I plan for the next 6 week cycle of lessons, I am going to make a point to plan collaborative projects for my students that allow them a choice in how to 'show what they know.'  I will let them do collaborative research projects, using Diigo to let them share resources and giving them a rubric that includes grading their part in the group.

A daunting task for students I see once a week for 45 minutes, but should it prove successful, I know it will be powerful for my students and for myself.


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