Just last week my friend Chad Sansing challenged me to respond to his blog post, #EduThingsILike. In his post he listed things that he would like to see in schools, districts and education as a whole. His post was in response to Tom Vander Ark's post Things I Like.

Here are the things I like in education:

  • I like educators who work together as a team to serve their students.
  • I like administrators who listen to their teachers and their parents.
  • I like parents who are invested in their child/ren's education.
  • I like when schools allow students to have a say in their learning process.
  • I like when teachers take on leadership roles in their own schools.
  • I like district leaders who are in touch with their schools and teachers and meet their needs.
  • I like when teachers and administrators take risks in the name of better teaching their students.
Let me know what kinds of things you like in education!


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